Shapinsay remembered

Here you will  find stories featuring some of Shapinsay’s former residents who still have fond memories of the island……..Cindy 1

You can take the girl out of Shapinsay…..

As a young girl in the 1980’s, Cindy Campbell lived with her family on Shapinsay at Strathore Farm. Happily settled on the mainland now and married with children of her own she has fond memories of the freedom of being able to roam safely by herself in the fields and along the beach as a youngster here, although she says she maybe didn’t really appreciate it at the time – it just seemed the normal.

One thing that meant a lot to her as a child was Sunday School at the Manse beside the Kirk with the then minster’s wife, Joan Whiteford, who she says was always full of joy and this was an important influence in the journey to her own Christian faith.

With some of the redundant pews from our refurbished Shapinsay church ending up at the Judith Glue café, Cindy says there’s often a familiar ‘feel’ when she’s having a cuppa! “I think a little bit of Shapinsay follows me!” she jokes.

Having family and friends here still means Cindy keeps in touch with the Island, which she feels is full of potential and could have a great future.

“Part of my heart is in the place”, she admits,“ I was even involved in planting the tree outside the school years ago. It makes me feel good to see it on trips back – it’s come to be a bit of a symbol to me – we’re both still standing!”