School days

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Many folks talked to us about their schooldays on Shapinsay for some it was a positive experience but for some it was no so positive and often that depended on the teachers involved. Sisters Dorothy Laird and Margaret Groat tell how much they enjoyed school:-

Oral Histiry Val

Wilma and Kenny

Wilma Brown went to the South School on Shapinsay as a child and tells Kenny Meason about her time there before going to the big school in Kirkwall.

Leo Robertson who works at Shapinsay School tells us about his own schooldays as a youngster on the island and reflects on how it compares with modern times:-

Some of the younger pupils from Shapinsay School wanted to know what toys people used to play with on Shapinsay in the past and interviewed folks attending Lunch Club where they heard about space hoppers, trolls and dolls with hair you could make grow!

KIDS toys Dorothy + 1

Here some of the youngsters describe what they found out about…….

KIDS toys 1 group

KIDS toys Margaret

Shapinsay resident Jean Wallace shared memories of her school days on the island with Jenny Hall…..


Jean and Jenny

Below are some of the items Jean talked about and still has from the old North School

North School momentos